Irriterad på inlägg – mobbning (YT: Amy Slaton) 

Svarade följande:

I mostly made my first comment due to myself being a victim of bullying from age eight until fifteen. It makes my heart bleed when people on Internet can’t address the issue at hand and instead resort to name-calling. Yeah, so I may be ugly (in your eyes) and I may be overweight, but, if you find me annoying, adress that issue! Don’t use words that will put my looks and weight down! 

My feeling is, that most people (the ”bad commenters”) just use the ”she did/does something wrong” to validify the smut. They’re eagerly waiting for a a new video to vent their aggression. 

If people have an issue with someone they don’t know on yt e.g. they should first consider why they have a problem with said person/channel and then comment on that and secondly adress what they think the person should do to rectify the error. Name-calling will never accomplish anything. I have no idea why that fact isn’t universally known (disturbing). 

It seems like a lot of people harbour hatred (for what, I guess, is different for everyone) and they subscribe to channels where they can spew out their hate for the world (or themselves or whatever) on their victim. I will never ever get the psychology behind that kind of bullying behavior. It is loathsome and anyone with a milligram of brain would realize that! Aaaargh, mad now

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Så, nu lägger jag ner detta. Godnatt. 


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