Versions of Wicker Man

This post will be in English because I have realized there is a worldwide confusion regarding the different versions of Wicker Man. I was confused too, but I think I´ve got it now, so hopefully this post will help others.

Wicker Man exists in three versions:

ˋ 102 minutes – Director´s Cut/Extended Version/The Long Version/Rare(?) VHS
ˋ 94 minutes – Final Cut/Restoration/The Middle Version
ˋ 87 minutes – UK Theatrical Cut/The Short Version

I have seen other lengths being discussed: Director´s Cut being 99 minutes and Final Cut 95 minutes.
It seems like the old US VHS-version said 102 minutes, but the European version said 99 minutes. I haven´t managed to figure out why that is, but it seems as it was due to a misprint or a miscalculation (I´ll see if I can find the source for this theory). No 99 minute version is available on DVD anyhow.
Regarding the Final Cut´s 94 vs. 95 I put down to the fact that the above lengths (102/94/87) are clearly stated on DVD and Blu-ray as being approximate.

I will try to list some differences between the versions, but it will in no way be a complete list. Since the short, 87 minute version, is the one I´m most familiar with I will compare the other two with that one.

94 minutes:
Misses the scene on the mainland, where


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