Liquor will do that to you…


”Liquor, I find, always make me very smart.” – Mike Hagen (Gregory Peck i ”Designing Woman”)

Så sant som det var sagt


”If I irritate you, you can imagine how I irritate myself.” – Catherine McDowall (Susan Kohner i ”All The Fine Young Cannibals”)


Catherine McDowall: ”I just don’t know why I have to write mummy and daddy.”

Tony McDowall: ”They just want to know you’re alive, Catherine. ”

Catherine McDowall: ”Well, I’m not. I’m just not!”

Bette Davis och ”Mr. Skeffington” igen


BD: ”I made up my mind to marry you.”
Skeffington: ”Why?”
BD: ”Because you are good and kind, and your eyes are special in a Saint Bernhard sort of way. Although I’ve never seen you smile, I always have the feeling you’re laughing at me and I find that attractive. Besides the fact – you’re rich. Would you like to kiss me?”

Citat II:
Skeffington: ”A woman is beautiful when she is loved, and only then…”
BD: ”Nonsense. A woman is beautiful if she gets 8 hours sleep and goes to the beauty parlor every day. And bone structure has a lot to do with it too.”

Mer (smöriga) citat från ”Bombshell”


Citat av Gifford Middleton (spelad av Franchot Tone):

”I’d like to run barefoot through your hair.”

”Your mouth is like a gardenia open to the sun.”

Gifford: ”Poor tired flower. I’ll take you away and transplant you. We’ll get married, dear heart, and go together to Utopia.”
Lola: ”You mean around the world?”
Gifford: ”Around the universe to the moon. I’ll put the ring of Saturn on your finger. We’ll sleep on Venus and use the milky way as our cover. ”

(Sist citatet är inte ordagrant)